24 Best ESO Addons Every Player Needs To Use

This is for the newbs who wish to succeed at this level!
Do you think you’ve got everything you would like to start out Elder Scrolls Online? Think again! Addons within the Elder Scrolls Online are an excellent thanks to enhancing your game and customize it for the way you play. Are you a crafter, harvester, and lorebook seeker?

There are several reliable addons that will enhance your search and make it easy to seek out what you’re trying to find. Perhaps your goal is devastating DPS in daily dungeons and delves. Addon combat meters and other visuals to form sure you’re hitting the damage numbers that make a difference are easy to use.

Whether you’re starting at level 1 or are a seasoned veteran able to hit the planet bosses and toughest dungeons, you’ll easily find what you’re trying to find.

To make things easier and keep your addons up so far, Minion may be a great download that’s free and straightforward to use. After you download it, select “The Elder Scrolls Online.” you’ll see all the available addons in an easy-to-use list. once you start selecting addons for the program, it’ll automatically keep track of when updates are available and find useful addons to feature to your collection.

If you’re trying to find effortless addon support, Minion is that the most reliable and safest interface available to urge your gaming at its best.

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1. Bag Space Indicator

Bag Space Indicator
Bag Space Indicator

Inventory maintenance is crucial!

One item you’ll want to think about for your addon list is that the Bag Space Indicator. While you don’t need to worry about craft bag space while twiddling with ESO Plus, your inventory is finite. It is often quite frustrating to run out of inventory space within the middle of a mission, dungeon, or delve.

Why you would like Bag Space Indicator

2. Harvest Map

Harvest Map
Harvest Map

The Harvest Map addon will prevent time and energy when scouting surely items

Harvest Map is for the adventurer who is out and about riding through Tamriel and desires a heightened perspective for all items you would possibly want to prevent and devour. Running low on an item for crafting? trying to find the simplest place to fish? This addon is for you.

Why you would like Harvest Map

3. Votan’s Rune Tooltips

Votan’s Rune Tooltips
Votan’s Rune Tooltips

Going back and forth to try to do research can get really annoying…

When enchanting, it is often frustrating to seek out out that what rune you’re using is unknown to you. Having to prevent and tab out of the sport to try to research on a rune and what it can create for you’ll be a frustrating diversion. Using this add-on can offer you the knowledge you would like to craft and go.

Why you would like Votan’s Rune Tooltip

4. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

Autocompletion makes things tons easier for crafting!

If you’re a daily crafter, this is often the simplest crafting addon for the sport. If you’ve got the things in your inventory and therefore the space to carry them, crafting is as simple as a click of the mouse.

Why you would like Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter

5. Combat Metrics

Combat Metrics
Combat Metrics

Maximize your chances of victory by viewing battle and weapon stats

Much of your leveling experience in ESO is going to be doing battles with the various differing types of enemies in Tamriel. If you’d wish to see a full spectrum of metrics that examine your performance in combat, this metrics addon works well for this purpose.

Why you would like Combat Metrics

6. Destinations


Maps are often confusing, but this add-on makes getting places easy and efficient!

Everything that you simply neutralize ESO has got to do with where you’re or where you’re going. There are tons to try to to and Tamriel is an expansive map. maintaining with what’s within the area once you arrive and where to travel may be a welcome addition to your addons.

Why you would like Destinations

7. Auto Research

Auto Research
Auto Research

Research is lengthy and tedious, which makes auto research very handy

Increasing your research skills may be a part of the long game in ESO. Acquiring traits through researching items is often quite a lengthy process, but this add-on ensures your approach is going to be more organized and consistent with your priorities.

Why you would like Auto Research

8. Quest Map

Quest Map
Quest Map

Now you do not need to stare blankly trying to recollect if you have been there or not!

If you don’t know where you’re going but kind of know where you’ve been, this add-on will make your travels tons easier. determine what’s available in each region for questing with this addon.

Why you would like Quest Map

9. Lost Treasure

X marks the spot!

Trying to recollect the last time you saw that lost treasure and need to travel back and see if there’s another chest there? Don’t worry about finding them again with this handy add-on.

Why you would like Lost Treasure

10. Urich’s Skill Point Finder

Urich’s Skill Point Finder
Urich’s Skill Point Finder

This will make it faster and easier to seek out which skill points you would like

One of your best leveling resources is thru the acquisition of skill points. There are a couple of ways to urge them within the game, but sometimes it is often confusing to work out where all of them are; worry no more!

Why you would like Urich’s Skill Point Finder

11. Votan’s Achievements Overview

Votan’s Achievements Overview
Votan’s Achievements Overview

Prioritize your goals by points needed for achievements

Instead of using the quality, built-in achievements summary, Votan’s Achievements Overview takes this information to a subsequent level. Get detailed information about where you’re within each achievement and reach your goals faster.

Why you would like Votan’s Achievements Overview

12. Inventory Grid View

Inventory Grid View
Inventory Grid View

Get a greater overview of your items

After you’ve been within the game for a short time, the likelihood is that you’ve acquired a couple of great sets and tons of crafting items. Scrolling through list views is often frustrating. Adding grid view option may be a good way to assess your collections.

Why you would like Inventory Grid View

13. CraftStore Scalebreaker

CraftStore Scalebreaker
CraftStore Scalebreaker

You can view any quiet crafting information that you simply need

If you’re like many players, crafting may be a daily activity. There are many helpful add-ons within the game, but this addon is that the essential guide.

14. Master Merchant

Master Merchant
Master Merchant

Receive and sell items at a good price

ESO’s main trader interface is woefully lacking within the information department. checking out how items are tracking over time can assist you to secure the simplest price for your items.

Why you would like Master Merchant

15. Sky Shards

Sky Shards
Sky Shards

This location key helps you level up faster and easier

Gaining skill points in ESO is one of the simplest ways to extend your strength and leveling in-game. Finding the sky shards is often another matter altogether. There are many of them in each region, so this add-on goes an extended way towards deciding their location.

Why you would like Sky Shards

16. LoreBooks


Completing more achievements is definitely available with this addon

Completion of achievements may be a goal among dedicated end-game players. For some, acquisition of all the goals of a particular guild can enhance game satisfaction. If the Mages Guild is in your sights, there’s an addon that does the work of guiding you towards earning this achievement with ease.

Why you would like LoreBooks

17. Dungeon Tracker

Dungeon Tracker
Dungeon Tracker

You can now choose which dungeon quest to finish from the addon information

All you would like to try to do is spend a couple of moments in zone or guild chat to ascertain what percentage of people are dungeon questing! Keeping track of all those in-game and which of them you’ve yet to finish are often a frightening task for the dungeon enthusiast.

Why you would like Dungeon Tracker

  • The standard dungeon menu in-game features a complete list of dungeons within the group and activity finder, but no further information is out there . This addon changes all that!

18. FCM Quest Tracker

FCM Quest Tracker
FCM Quest Tracker

Sorting your list of the many quests makes your gameplay more efficient

Another quest tracker? once you find one that approaches quest tracking from this angle, you’ve found the FCM Quest Tracker.

Why you would like FCM Quest Tracker

19. Champion Point Slots

Champion Point Slots
Champion Point Slots

This addon gives you everything you would like for champion point configurations

Visiting the Champion Point allocation tool in ESO is visually pleasing, but it is often time-consuming and frustrating. find out the simplest plan with an easy-to-use addon that’s packed filled with features.

Why you would like Champion Point Slots

  • 6. Undaunted Pledges Utilities
Undaunted Pledges Utilities
Undaunted Pledges Utilities

The organization is vital when it involves sorting all of your information!

Trying to manage several different guilds, questlines, and dungeons a day can get overwhelming. This handy add-on helps organize your undaunted pledges.

Why you would like Undaunted Pledges Utilities

20.HUD – Food&Drink Buff / Mount Reminder / Weapon Charge / Armor Repair

Food&Drink Buff
Food&Drink Buff

Our in-game lives get busy, so notifications help manage forgetfulness

Seasoned players know that there are many buffs that will enhance all aspects of gameplay. Use this handy addon to form sure that you simply don’t miss any time when recharging or leveling any abilities in-game.

Why you would like HUD – Food&Drink Buff / Mount Reminder / Weapon Charge / Armor Repair

21. PVP Meter

PVP Meter
PVP Meter

Prepare for matches by brushing abreast of stats

For many players, PVP may be great and fun thanks to engaging with other players within the game and obtain an excellent idea of how you match up together with your fellow players. This addon gives great insight into how you’re faring in each match.

Why you would like a PVP Meter

22. Port to Friend’s House

Port to Friend's House
Port to Friend’s House

Porting to a friend’s house are often a valuable activity to your gameplay

Some players wish to play solo, but many guilds have an outsized social aspect that goes beyond the everyday questing and crafting. Porting to a friend’s house within the game is often quite dropping by for a tankard of Bog Ale.

Why you would like Port to Friend’s House

23. Overview (Shows your Build)

Overview (Shows your Build)
Overview (Shows your Build)

Easily view all aspects of your build directly

Don’t let the very fact that this picture is in German turn you away! The addon adjusts to your language, but this picture is that the best depiction of just what proportion information you’ll get around your build.

Why you would like Overview (Shows your Build)

24. Awesome Guild Store

Awesome Guild Store
Awesome Guild Store

Be more informed of your pricing and sales

One of the simplest ways to put your items within the guild store purchasable is to make sure you’re always using the Awesome Guild Store. make sure that you get all the gold coming to you with the newest in-game pricing information.

Why you would like Awesome Guild Store

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