Best Free Bike Racing Games for Android Smartphone 2021

Bike Racing Games for Android Smartphone:-With the arrival of powerful hardware alongside optimized software in smartphones, one can now enjoy high-end games on phones that used to be only playable on computers.
The gaming performance of a tool and its hardware are two parallel things. the upper your hardware goes to be, the smoother goes to be the bike racing games for android performance.

Two major places where people are getting these games for his or her smartphones are Google Play Store for Android and thus the Apple Store for iOS users. the foremost important merit of these stores is that there are many games available to them, out of which few are paid while others are totally free; further, games are classified into various categories/genres like Arcade, Adventure, Fighting, Racing, Strategy, etc. but this specific article is heaven for people who are mad about “Racing games.” during this text, we’ll be discussing a variety of the only Bike

Racing Games are available for your Android device. There are many bike racing games available on Play Store, but only a few of them are worth downloading.

The substantial advantage of smartphone games is that there is no need to handle any big structure, which is that the case with a Gaming PC and a gaming console. you’ll play smartphone games while traveling, and even you’ll enjoy them within the absence of electricity as a handset has its battery.

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Best Free Bike Racing Games for Android Smartphone

1.) Top Bike: Racing and Moto Drag

Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag

The image is showing the very best bike racing game. It offers cool 3D graphics and perhaps a haul racing type game almost sort of a CSR racing game. it’s received a whopping rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store; it has been downloaded quite 1 million times. the game is based on the story of underground rivalry and gang battles. the game is out there in 17 different languages, which is additionally big merit for it.

The sport offers 71+ bikes, which are enough to interact with a private who loves racing games. the game weighs 90MB’s and has options for In-app purchases through the game which can be easily downloaded for free of charge of charge


2.) SBK16 Official mobile game

If you would like console-grade graphics on a smartphone, then this is often the sport you ought to look for. during this game, tons of bikes are available to settle on from, including Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW, etc. it’s very almost like Moto GP and a user race through some well-known tracks; there are four game modes in total- Championship, Quick Race, Time attack, and Test ride. the sport is totally Free though In-app purchases are available, the sport has received a reputable rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store.

MotoGP Racing 2017 ChampionshipImage of the Moto GP 2017 game.

It is the official MotoGP game available on Playstore and has received an incredible response of 4.3 ratings, the sport has been downloaded quite 5 million times, and that we don’t think that the name “MotoGP” needs any introduction. the sport offers cool graphics and real tracks, which makes it a fantastic choice for gamers. One can connect with his/her friends within the game and may challenge them on different tracks. the sport measures roughly around 171MB’s, and it contains In-app purchases through the sport which will be downloaded for free of charge.

4.) Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier
Trials Frontier

The game has been developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, and they are known for creating ravishing PC and console standard games. The biggest advantage of this series is that while completing the tasks, one can perform various stunts from wheelies to crazy jumps. The game also supports the Multi-player system. The game offers 15+ bikes to choose from and over 250+ unique tracks to ride through. The game has received a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store and is available for Free. The game measures roughly around 87MB’s.


5.) Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4

As its name suggests, it’s the 4th installment within the series and offers amazing gameplay. the sport provides an identical environment to what we get on the Trials frontier, but it’s something different from traditional racing games. the sport incorporates quite 160 levels to play, and you get a full chance to point out off your skills and earn cash to upgrade. The app has received a rating of 4.2 and has been downloaded quite 10 million times. you’ll get this on your tablet and smartphone for free of charge or cost.

6.) Bike Unchained

The game has been produced by Redbull and is analogous to the events which they organize; the gameplay is extremely almost like Redbull’s Rampage. One can visit different tracks, but the motive remains an equivalent, to get on the highest. One can perform crazy flips and stunts in it and may earn points for them. There are some bikes available, and people are often upgraded because the level rises; in total, the sport contains 69 tacks. the sport has received a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store and measures roughly around 97MB’s

7.) Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer
Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer
The image is showing the Highway Rider Motorcycle racer game.

Currently, it’s one of the foremost popular racing games available for Android devices. during this game, the user runs his/her Bike past cars and trucks at a fantastic speed. the first motive is to drive as fast as you’ll, and at an equivalent time, you’ve got to require care of passing traffic; otherwise, you’ll be wrecked. There are some unlockable riders, and every one of them features a distinct vehicle. the sport supports multiplayer also, which allows you to compete with different players. the sport has received a reputable rating of 4.3 and weighed around 85MB’s.

8.) Bike Race Free- Top Motorcycle Racing Games

It is a 2D racing game but doesn’t underestimate its gameplay because it is one of the foremost addictive racing games available immediately. the sport supports multiplayer, which suggests you’ll race with many users online. The controls are damn simple, and one can easily learn them in a little period. the sport is often played without Wi-Fi. One can easily perform some stunts, and tons of tracks are available within the game to race through. the sport has received an incredible rating of 4.5, and it weighs 34MB’s.

9.) Death Moto 4

It is a touch different from normal racing games; if you’re keen on violence and fight during a game, then this may fit best to your requirements. the sport is that the sequel to the previous version referred to as Death Moto 3. Maintain your high speed, chase, and fights to win. There are ten rides to unlock, and every one of them has distinct weapon upgrades like guns, bombs, etc. Drive through rural areas, silent highways, and feel the adrenalin rush. Wherever you go, riders are waiting to kill you. the sport is out there for free of charge and weighs 22MB’s.


10.) Real Bike Racing

It is a 3D game, and therefore the interface is extremely simple to know. the appliance is liberal to download but includes an In-app purchases option. In this, you race to win, and therefore the task is to unlock all 10 Superbikes. The graphics are satisfying, and therefore the bikes also offer working rearview mirrors. the sport has received a reputed rating of 4.4 on Google Play, and it weighs at just 18MB’s. the sport has traditional tracks to race through and is best for those that need a game having good graphics, which at an equivalent time occupies a little part of memory.



These are the best racing games we think will give the fun of racing bikes on android devices. We would also like to know what are your favorite Top Free Racing Games for Android? Please recommend your favorite android racing titles in the comment section below.

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