Best Way To Change The Default Google Account 2021

Best Way To Change The Default Google Account:– Yes, Google is everywhere. the corporate seems to possess appropriated the web place. you’ve got got a Gmail address, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Keep, and so on. Many Google services (if not all) have direct non-Google rivals. However, none of them is under one umbrella as large because of the Google environment.

Best Way To Change The Default Google Account                               Let us be honest, you almost certainly have multiple Google accounts. all allow you to utilize each Google service. But what if you’d wish to change your default Google account? during this guide, we’ll direct you thru the steps.

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Before We Get Into It

With numerous Google services available, there’s tons of ground to hide. We’ve decided to stay with modifying the default Google account on Gmail, using the Google Chrome browser. Rest ensured you’ll do that with every other service also.

How to Modify the Default Gmail Account in Chrome on a Windows or Mac PC

Whether you are a Windows or a Mac user, you will be glad to know that things operate the same on both platforms. This is because you will be using Gmail via the Google Chrome browser on either device type.

Go to

Now, open Google Chrome and go to Gmail. The fastest way to do so is by typing in “” in the URL box and hitting Enter.

Go to

Click on your profile icon

If you are logged in, you will be brought to the default Gmail account. Navigate to the upper-right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon, and select a different account.

gmail account

Click ‘Default’

Refresh the page, and you will be carried back to your default account. In fact, you will see the “Default” entry near to your default account.

default option in gmail

Now, there is no real button that allows you to change your default account on the device you are currently using. But there is a Sign out of all accounts button at the bottom of the dialogue box that opens after you click your profile icon on Gmail.

Once signed out, click the Gmail account that you want to use as your default on the device you are currently using. Then, enter the password. There you have it, the account that you have selected has just become your primary one.

How to Switch the Default Gmail Account in Chrome on an iPhone

Unfortunately, maintaining your Gmail account using your iOS Gmail app is problematic. Not all options are there, and you might have trouble choosing the default account for the device. This is why it is recommended that you use the Google Chrome app to do it.

Run the app on your device, or download it if you do not possess it.

Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left.

Inside the app, go to and then go to the screen’s upper-left corner (the hamburger menu with three horizontal lines).

primary mail in gmail

Click your email address at the top.

Then, you will notice the address to the current default Gmail account at the top of the page. Tap there.

email address in gmail
email address in Gmail

Click ‘Manage your Google Account’

Next, go to Manage your Google Account.

manage your gmail account
manage your google account

Click ‘Sign Out’

From this screen, you will be able to choose Sign Out. This will log out of every account that you have used to sign in to Gmail on the iOS device. Then, start from scratch and log in with the account you want to use as default. This is now your default account on the said iOS device.

How to Change the Default Gmail Account in Chrome on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are light laptop devices that are meant for browsing and little else besides. For this, Chromebooks use Google Chrome, naturally. Once you open Google Chrome, things work pretty much as they do on Windows PCs and macOS devices. Refer to the guide mentioned earlier to change the default Gmail account in Chrome on your Chromebook.

How to Change the Default Gmail Account in Chrome on an Android Device

As on iOS devices, you can’t, fortunately, change the default Gmail account using the dedicated Gmail app on Android smartphones and tablets. The app will take you to your general Google Account settings when you try, and this defeats the purpose.

You are going to have to access your account via the Google Chrome app. Accessing your Gmail via the Google Chrome app on Android and changing the default account runs the same way as on iOS devices. If you want to turn the default Gmail account on your Android, refer back to the iOS part above.

How to Change the Default Gmail Account in Firefox on a Windows or Mac PC

Okay, so maybe you are not using Google Chrome as your favored web browser. Maybe you would want to know how to change your default Gmail account with a different browser, like Firefox.

Well, there is one thing you want to note about browsers. As long as you are not altering the settings of the browser itself, it is all the same, across all browsers. In other words, if you want to make settings changes in a service that you access using the browser, things are pretty much the same, regardless of what browser you resort to.

Therefore, changing any Gmail settings using Firefox, Safari, or any other Windows/macOS device is done the same way you would do it in Chrome. So, again, refer to the PC/Mac Chrome section at the beginning of this entry.

Why Change the Default Google Account?

Well, for one, you are apparently less than excited about the truth that your device keeps logging you into a mail account you do not use too often, no matter how many times you switch to your desired mail. Making another account default can be a tremendous comfort.

Then, there is the aspect of different devices. Let us assume that you have a work computer and a home computer. Most possible, you will need your personal Gmail account to be the default on your home computer.

And you apparently will not recognize your work computer signing you into your personal mail. Then again, you may require to use your work Gmail from your personal computer, and vice-versa. Assigning different Gmails as default for each of the two devices can be very useful.

Another example would be across different devices. Maybe you are an Instagram influencer who has a different mail account for these purposes. In this case, assigning the “influencer” Gmail account as default on your smartphone device might be a good way to go, while you may go with a more personal default Gmail account for your home PC, for example.

Additional FAQ

1. Is it possible to change the default Gmail account without logging out of all accounts?

Unfortunately, no, it is not. Whichever device type we are discussing here, logging out of every Gmail account that you have worked on the relevant device is a required step in changing your default Gmail account for that device.

And, conversely, logging in to the future default Gmail account first is the only way to select the default Gmail account. Of course, you will then have to log in to all the other Gmail accounts that you want available on your device.

2. How can I open my Gmail account?

Any of the methods stated above will advise you to either login or create a new account, no matter what device you are working on. If you want to start a Google account, create a new one, and follow the instructions.

Each of the methods from above will also advise you to create a new account at some point, even if you’re already signed in to one. Navigate to the create a new account option and follow the instructions.

You must keep in mind that creating your first Gmail account will make it your default account. Creating a new one will not do so. If you want to set your newly created account as the default one, catch the above-outlined instructions.

3. Can I have two Gmail accounts?

Yes, you can. Not only that, but you can have as many Gmail accounts as you want. There is no limit for this set by Google. However, the more accounts you have, the more complicated things will get. These days, email is not used for correspondence only. In fact, it is primarily used for subscriptions and several other functions.

But, with two Gmail accounts, you should be OK. In fact, the vast majority of users have two Gmail accounts or more.

4. Can I own two Gmail accounts with the same phone number?

For security purposes, Gmail accounts are often associated with phone numbers, along with Google and non-Google email addresses. Although your every Gmail account will have a separate address, you can connect all of them with the same phone number.


Not only is changing the default Gmail account on your devices simple and straightforward, but you can set different default Gmail accounts across your devices. Still, even though you might know exactly how to do it on one device type, this does not mean that you know how to do it on others.

We hope that this entry has helped you successfully set everything up, just the way you wanted to. If you have any doubt or any questions, feel free to hit the comments section below and fire away. We are more than happy to help.

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