How to Clear Instagram Search History On Android & PC 2021

Clear Instagram Search History On Android & PC:- As is that the norm with any social media platform; any user’s activity is recorded within the location. Instagram does an equivalent. It uses the info for various purposes wish to know the users’ interest; the section they use most and various other inferences.

However, many feel it as a breach of their privacy as they might be browsing something that they’re later embarrassed about or simply want their soul to understand. the answer lies in clearing your search history. After you delete it; that hashtag wouldn’t crop up again while you’re searching again on Instagram. albeit you are doing not wish to delete the whole history; you’ll even delete specific Instagram accounts from shooting up again as suggestions during your search. We state below step by step guide for every procedure in order that you’ll do an equivalent effortlessly.

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We first discuss the steps to delete the history from the Instagram app on mobile phones. equivalent steps would work for Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

You would first get to open the Instagram app. Then, first, tap your profile icon which is typically at the lower right then tap the hamburger-looking Menu icon at the highest right. within the new options, select Settings then choose ‘Privacy and Security.’ within the new pop-up; scroll right down to the choice, ‘Clear Instagram Search History.’ a replacement window will crop up asking you to verify the action. Once you confirm it by clicking on Yes; the search history would disappear.

You can click on No if you would like to cancel your action. It best to refresh the device and browser after it for the move to be more efficient and effective. However, some extent to notice here is that the history is deleted only from your account. it might be present within the accounts of individuals with whom you’ve got interacted and thus, they’re going to appear as suggested accounts.

Deleting Instagram Search History & Suggestions on PC

The steps for Clear Instagram Search History on a PC are nearly similar but with just a couple of more and different clicks. Let’s study them.

Foremost, we’d like to travel to the Instagram website and go online to our account. Then click on Setting then Account Data. Next, select Account Activities then click on View Search History. you’ll now select the ‘Delete Search History’ then confirm the delete by clicking on the ‘Yes’ tab of the popup window.

Refresh your browser and restart your PC for the delete to be more efficient.

Deleting Specific Instagram Users from Appearing in Your Suggested Search

We have already discussed that your deleted search account might still appear in your recommended search list as they’re still present on the opposite user’s profile. this might be embarrassing and aggravating. But the great thing is that you simply can stop them from appearing in your suggested search menu. an equivalent step would hold true for both mobile and PC.

You need to first open the Instagram app or attend its website and log onto your account. Next, attend the search section which is noticeable as a hand glass icon. you’d see your past search list shooting up. From this list, select individual users then delete them. they might not appear on your search suggestion list.

Persistent Search History

Sometimes you discover your deleted search user profiles shooting up even after you’ve got deleted them. therein situation, try the subsequent steps.

Foremost, you would like to restart your PC or mobile. More often than not, this easy step resolves the matter. Ideally, you ought to sign off of your Instagram account before restarting the device. For it, attend your profile then click on the Setting icon. Scroll right down to the choice ‘Log Out’ and tap thereon. you’d be logged out of your account. Post restarting your device you’ll log back to your account.

  • In case you’re using an Android platform; do this step of clearing your app cache and history also. attend the Settings menu of your device then click on app management. it’d have a special name also, counting on your device. From the list, scroll right down to the Instagram app and tap thereon. within the app store page, you’ll find two options: — ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache.’ Tap on clear cache and restart the device. The step will clear the temporary storage of the app.
  • If the matter still persists, follow an equivalent step but click on ‘Clear data’ or ‘clear storage’ at this point. you would like to notice that this step will delete all data like your username, password, etc., and reset it back to the state when it had been first installed on your device.
  • In the worst scenario, you’ll simply uninstall the app from your device and reinstall it back.


Well, friends, we hope that you simply are now geared with all knowledge about the way to delete and clear the Instagram search history. If you’ve got any queries or simply loved our post; don’t forget to go away with your valuable comments and suggestions within the comment section below! Also, please share it with others who could do with this information. And in particular, Enjoy the post!

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