How to Create Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number 2021

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How to Easily Create Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number

1, Before using Android WhatsApp tips on this one, you need to install an application called Primo.


2, The application is available for many platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, until the MAC.

3, Open Primo and do the process Sign Up for a new account. What we need to do is choose a username and password.

How to Easily Create Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number
How to Easily Create Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number

4, Now log in to Primo and go to the menu, where we will find a cell phone number.

5, Now, use the custom number for account verification WhatsApp.

6, Choose the method of ” call as a verification ” to get a verification code. Wait a few moments and will display an incoming call from WhatsApp.

7, Listen to the code given carefully, record, and enter a numeric code into the verification field.

8, Done.

First Step

First Step
First Step

Second Step

Second Step
Second Step

Third Step

Third Step
Third Step
  • Now that you have successfully performed the account verification WhatsApp without a phone number and now WhatsApp without SIM Card is ready for you to use!

Alternative Method #2:

Creating Whatsapp Account with U.S Number without Using Your Mobile Number:

You can use this android app to Verify your Whatsapp account with U.S Number without using your phone number. With Below Steps.

  1. First of all, you must download and install the app WhatsApp on Your Mobile. If you have, run.
  2. But if you’re a long-time user of WA, then you should do is to remove your old WhatsApp account and download and reinstall the app from the Play Store WA back.
  3. The next step is to enter your name and your phone number verification. But this time you do not need to enter your phone number.
  4. But instead, you must verify your phone number in another way. Namely by downloading apps.
  5. will give you a unique number that you can enter to WhatsApp to verify the phone number.
  6. Then open and run the application, and complete the process of setting up his. After the setup process is complete, then you will get a special id number of TextNow and copy this number.
  7. Then open the app WhatsApp and paste the last TextNow id number to verify your phone number.
  8. Then click the ‘Continue’ and now you will receive a verification code in the app TextNow.
  9. Use this code and verify the phone number in WhatsApp. WA Now you can use it without having to use your personal phone number.

Method 3:

Bypass Whatsapp SMS Verification

  • Download and Install WhatsApp on your Mobile Phone or Your PC (Download Blue-Stacks To Access Whatsapp On PC).
  • Download and install Whatsapp on your device.
  • Now go to Receive SMS Online Free text, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and select any of the no. Here I will use an Indian Mobile Number.whatsapp verification
  • Enter the number in the required field on Whatsapp. It will take you to the SMS verification page.
  • Now go back to Receive SMS Online Free text, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and click on the number which you have chosen to verify Whatsapp SMS verification.
  • Enter the verification code on the WhatsApp verification page. That’s it, you are done.

You can add contacts to your phone just like before and Whatsapp will read that contacts data just like before. Anyhow, to send regular SMS from the number you have created, you need to continue the membership and you also need to grant access to contacts for the Telos app.

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