15 Google Chrome Cool Features 2021

Google Chrome’s Cool Features:

We know about Google Chrome, everyone knows about Google Chrome is that the internet browser. Since its launch, it’s become increasingly popular in sharing and is that the most used Internet browser. It also has many features that we don’t use, but they’re used tons, in PC, laptop, or mobile, Google Chrome can easily add all, and today we’ll explore some of the Best Google Chrome Cool Features.

Google Chrome’s Cool FeaturesDue to the straightforward interference of Google Chrome, many users leave their old browsers and use it and Chrome has many such fun features that make your browning experience even better. And consistent with the W3Schools report, 73.7 percent of individuals are using Chrome, with 15.5 percent Firefox, 4.8 percent IE and Safari 3.5 percent, far behind. what’s it that creates it different from other web browsers? What are the features that make it different? See it.

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15 Google Chrome Cool Features

  1. Synchronization Data: –

  • The best feature is that you can sign in with Google Email Id by going to the settings of Google Chrome.
  • As soon as you sign in, all your data from Google Chrome will be automatically saved on your Email Id.
  • The website you browse, the password you save in the browser will be saved.
  • So all the data that will come in your phone’s Google Chrome is in your computer’s Google Chrome.
  1. Add Person: –

  • With the option of Setting> Add Person, you can log in with the new Gmail id.
  • Now you have 2 Google Chrome, you can use both of them separately.
  • In the same way, the more email you add from Email Id, the more Google Chrome will be with you.
  • By the way, we can only open one in a browser like Gmail or Facebook.
  • But if you add a person, then you can open as many IDs as you want.
  1. Guest Mode: –

  • If you use Google Chrome in Guest Mode, then no browsing history will be saved.
  • You can only browse the website, you cannot save any data like password, history, etc.
  1. Incognito Mode: –

  • There is a slight difference between this and the guest mode.
  • In Incognito mode you can use your browser’s bookmarks section
  • But History will not be saved.
  1. Extensions: –

  • You will get lots of Extensions on the Google Chrome Store
  • With the help of extensions, you can do a lot of work
  • But you have to install it.
  • Like if you have to download YouTube videos or there is a website that plays online videos but the download option is not available.
  • So you will have to download and install Video Downloader Extensions from Extensions Store, then you can download YouTube videos in Google Chrome itself.
  1. Search Directly Into Individual Sites Using The Omnibox

7.  Cast Your Screen

You can use your Chromecast to cast any content from services like Netflix and Hulu from your phone to your TV. But you’ll also beam what you’re seeing on your PC screen to the TV with Chrome’s built-in Cast functionality.

To do this right-click anywhere in Google Chrome and choose “Cast.” you’ll also get thereto via the three-dot icon on the highest right. within the pop-up window, select Chromecast enabled device on which you’d like your browser window to seem 

  1. Drag Multiple Tabs At Once

  1. Open Accidentally Closed Tabs

  1. Drag URL To The Bookmarks Bar

  1. Open Specific Pages at Start

  1. Secret Pages In Chrome

  1. Task manager

  1. Automatically Download Files To Your Desktop

Within Google Chrome, you’ll download files automatically. To download files automatically,
go to Settings (Chrome: // Settings /), scroll down and click on the Advanced Settings link and there you’ll download files automatically. you’ll do that option altogether browsers

  1. Resources Page

  1. Pdf reader

Google Chrome Extensions Store


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