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Mac users, on the other hand, have a built-in alternative that has features similar to the free version of Acrobat but is simpler.

How To Easily Edit A PDF On Mac

There are several other options to edit, including online and third-party PDF editors which may work better for you counting on what you would like the PDF editor to try to do.

How to Fill Out and Sign a Form While in Preview

  • Open the PDF in Preview.
    Select Tools > Annotate > Signature from the menu bar.
  • If you’ve already added a signature to Preview, it’ll crop up on the screen, then Click your signature to feature it and drag it to the acceptable spot on the shape.
    If you don’t have a signature or need to replace one, go to “Manage Signatures.” and follow the on-screen instructions.

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How to Use Preview To Annotate A PDF

Edit A PDF On Mac

Simply click the acceptable icon on the menu above the document to customize these annotations. Text, arrows, circles, rectangles, and other elements will be added.

Alter the thickness of a line by clicking the road icon, A menu of line options will appear thereon the screen.
Click the outline icon to vary the color of an arrow, shape, or line, A color palette will pop down, then select the color you would like.
Click the box symbol to modify the fill of a shape. A palette of colors appears. choose the color you would like to select the white box with a line across it for no fill.
To change the font, size, orientation, or type of additional text, click the text icon.

Click the color box on the upper right side of the font box to alter the text color.

You can annotate text that’s already within the document with options like highlight, strikethrough, and underline by placing your cursor on the text you would like to annotate. To determine your alternatives, go to tools>.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to edit a photo in Preview.

You can annotate a photograph with equivalent tools you’ll use on a daily PDF, you’ll also flip a photograph horizontally or vertically, crop it, or adjust the dimensions.

Choose Tools > Adjust Size if you want to change the dimensions.

On a Mac, edit a PDF

The following are the stages of cropping a photo:

Place your cursor at one among the corners where you would like the cropping to start out from.
Drag your cursor until you reach your preferred size.
Choose Tools > Crop.

Any of those changes can be undone in Preview by going to Edit > Undo.

You also have the choice to revert to an ingenious version of the image or PDF. Just click File > Revert To.

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