How to Save Snapchat Stories on iPhone

How to Save Snapchat Stories on iPhone:-Snapchat News on iPhone: Although Instagram is the first to receive attention, Snapchat still dominates one segment of the market. If you are an active Snapchat user and use it to share certain aspects of your life, or if you are following influencers who want to save a larger number of posts on the iPhone

, You will want to understand how to save Snapchat photos, videos, and videos … News, and after deleting them, you will check back later. Well, in the middle of this article, we will say this.


We’ll show you ways to save a huge number of Snapchat snaps, photos, videos, or stories even if they disappear. We will not only tell you to use apps like Snapsave to save a large number of Snaps, but we will also show you some gratitude for trying to do that as long as the listed apps are not available.

Note: Snapchat will notify users to simply save their data.

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Download Snapchat news on iPhone

Just take a screenshot

Is this the easiest thanks to downloading Snapchat photos? Just touch and hold the screen to remove the poster name and press the button combination to request a screenshot. The image will then be from your camera roll.

Of course, when users access Snapchat Story stats, they will be able to see who took the screenshot. If the plugin is sent to you during a private conversation, the conversation itself will show that you simply took a screenshot.

SnapSave for Android

This is not an old SnapSave, but a separate Android system only.

This is a full-fledged Snapchat protector that will be used as a Snapchat news reporter, and you will also download photos and videos of Snapchat.

This app is actually a screen recorder and screen, but it will not let anyone on the other side know that you simply took a screenshot or saved the story. This app is the simple answer to your question about how to save Snapchat videos on Android. for a few reasons, i


The device should be at the highest level in our list, right? SnapBox is for iOS, allowing you to permanently download videos and photos to your phone, which is very useful. Once you have signed in to the device with your Snapchat ID and password, all the snapshots you receive and everyone you share with will be automatically saved to your phone.


This app is from the SaveMySnaps app maker. Casper is another Snapchat client, which allows you to save multiple Snapchat photos, photos, and stories.

Casper not only allows you to download Snapchat photos and videos but also allows you to transfer photos of others to others. Contains many beautiful emojis and custom filters. Casper Snapchat Protector is only available on Android.

Use Screen Recording

Use Screen Recording
Use Screen Recording

You can use native screen recording to record video snapshots. However, the user will be notified within the chat thread or within the summary statistics.

But thanks to video recording, this is usually much easier. First, you will enable the screen recording function.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” program and go to “Center”> “Customize controls”. Here, add screen recording controls.

Step 2: Open the Snapchat app and visit the center. Now tap and hold the toggle screen recording button, then tap to start recording. After three seconds, it will start recording the screen.

Step 3: Now open the image you would like to allow, play it, and click the red bar at the top to block the recording. The video will be saved to the camera roll. will edit it just to save a temporary video.

Take screenshots

If you would like to keep most photos still, just take a screenshot with another device. this is usually very safe thanks to taking pictures without letting the user know that the summary has just been saved.

Use QuickTime Recording on Your Mac

QuickTime Recording on Your Mac
QuickTime Recording on Your Mac

You will also use the QuickTime player on Mac to record a screenshot of the Snapchat app. this way, Snapchat users will not receive notifications (which apply to social media and videos posted in private chats).

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Mac

Step 2: Open QuickTime on Mac Step 3: In the menu bar, click “File”> “New Movie Recording”.

Step 4: Click the arrow button next to the “Record” button and change the source on your iPhone

Save Snapchat Secretly Using Mac 4

Saving Snapchat 5 Secret Step: Now click the “Record” button, and open the plugin query. When you’re done, click the “Record” button to disable the recording.

Step 6: you will now save the video and edit it as needed.

The conclusion

So it all depends on performance and a few strategies to get ready to save more videos and photos on Snapchat. After you finally have a simple answer to save many memorable summaries, many of you will now be very happy! he will thank us in due course. Good, save!

How to save Snapchat news to iPhone? If we missed the trusted way, please share it with us in the comments below.

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