Top 15 Photo Editing Apps For Android Phones

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2021

Photo Editing Apps For Android:- As we all know, guys, if you would like to urge Instagram followers quickly, you’ve got to form your photos to look attractive to Instagram social media users.

To make photos look attractive you’ve got to edit them first employing a photo-editing apps on a PC, for instance, Adobe Photoshop software. If you discover it difficult to edit photos using this software, you’ll really use a photo editing application on your smartphone.

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Best Photo Editing Application


Best Photo Editing Application
Best Photo Editing Application

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Smartphones:-VSCO is that the best photo editing application on Android which is employed to edit photos. the consequences available during this application appear as if employing a DSLR camera. The results are very different from photo editing applications generally.

This VSCO application has many features that you simply can use to edit photos. one among them, filters and in fact adjust the lighting within the photo. Unfortunately, to enjoy all the filter features available on VSCO, you want to be registered as a premium user. But settle downyou’ll find the free download link for VSCO full gain the web 

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the simplest photo editing applications on Android which is that the hottest because many celebrities use this application. the matter is that the features contained during this application are quite complete.

One of them may be a filter feature to regulate lighting which will make photos cooler than before. Also, you’ll remove unwanted objects in photos easily and quickly.

There is also a feature to form the photo background blur like that. Later the results are like taking photos into bokeh employing a DSLR camera, guys. How, are you curious about downloading this application?

3. Adobe Lightroom CC – Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom CC – Photo Editor
Adobe Lightroom CC – Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom CC – Photo Editor is one of the foremost popular photo editing applications and is most frequently employed by Instagram social media users. You see, this application also features a lot of features.

An example is that you simply can add effects, filters, and contrast to photos. Oh yeah, you’ll also make presets on photos, within the sort of filters that you simply set yourself. So, the photos that you simply edit are all equivalent color tones, guys.

That way, you’ll make the photos really Instagramable. So don’t be surprised if this application is one of the simplest Instagramable photo editing applications today

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Edit Photos to Create Collages

Furthermore, there’s the Adobe Photoshop Express application: Photo Editing Create Collages, this application is an application that was only available for PC users. Unfortunately, not everyone features a PC for editing photos.

Therefore, Adobe made the Adobe Photoshop Express application available for Android cellphone users. one of the features contained during this application, you’ll adjust the photo to form it look brighter.

Especially if you’re taking photos in the dark, by using this application ready to “> you’ll adjust the lighting and contrast only to be able to make the photo look bright and funky. So this application is one of the good photo editing applications on Android

5. AfterFocus

Next, there’s the AfterFocus application, this application is not any less popular than the Snapseed application and Adobe Lightroom CC. Why is that? Because this application is additionally quite complete with the features contained in it.

One of the benefits of these photo editing apps is that you simply can make photos become bokeh. Moreover, the photos that you simply take in the dark, the results of the photos you edit are going to be brighter.

That’s why this application is one of the Selebgram-style photo editing apps. Because many celebrities recommend this application for editing photos

6. Photo Grid: Video & Photo Collage, Photo Editor

Photo Grid: Video & Photo Collage, Photo Editor is one of the simplest photo editing apps for Android users. The features contained during this application also are very complete from other applications.

One of the features that you simply simply can use is that you can shrink the frame, add effects, filters, text, and also stickers to the photo you’re editing. Oh yes, using this application you’ll make your own stickers.

Besides that, you’ll also edit photos into video form, guys. Hence, this application is included within the list of 1 of the photos and video editing applications that you simply must try

7. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Furthermore, the Pixlr – Free Photo Editor application is additionally a photograph editing apps on Android that’s very complete with features, and in fact, its features are not any less equivalent as applications generally.

The features that you simply can use are effects, filters, text, frames, and so on. Besides that, you’ll also make the photo background bokeh. Not only that, you’ll make photos into cartoons.

So, you only need to use one of the cartoon effects or filters available during this application. Surely you furthermore may already know that this application is one of the cartoon photo editing apps on Android too.

8. PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

The next photo editing apps is PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor. Who doesn’t know this application that functions to edit photos? Surely most who wish to edit know this application.

This PicsArt application features a lot of features in it. one among them, you’ll combine several photos into 1 using the grid or available photos. Therefore, this application also can be said to be a grid photo application on Android.

Oh yes, you’ll also add effects, adjust photos, add text, stickers, and so on. you furthermore may got to know, albeit this application isn’t one among the drawing applications on Android, you’ll also draw anything using this application

9. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro

 PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro
PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro

The next photo editing apps is PhotoDirector Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro. This application is extremely easy to use by anyone, both beginners and people who are already pro.

You see, the features provided by this application are quite complete. for instanceyou’ll adjust contrast, filters, and effects on photos. there’s also a feature for editing facial parts too, guys.

Oh yes, this application is additionally one among the foremost up-to-date photo editing apps that you simply actually need to use. Because you’ll get everything about photo editing just by using this application

10. Afterlight


The next best photo editing apps is Afterlight. This application is one of the lightest photo editing apps when used for cellphones whose memory is full.

Also, the features provided aren’t too complicated compared to other applications. This application also provides various sorts of filters that you simply can use to enhance your photos.

In this application, you’ll combine several photos too. So, you don’t get to upload all photos to the social media that you simply have. Unfortunately, this application doesn’t include an application for combining photos employing a grid.

Previously, we recommended photo editing apps for Android users. Well, at this point we also recommend some photo editing applications for iPhone users. So, let’s just listen! Here are the simplest photo editing applications on the iPhone

11. Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

The next best photo editing application on the iPhone is Adobe Lightroom CC. a bit like the previous application, this application is sort of popular on social media. The thing is, this application is additionally quite complete and there’s a myriad of filters that you simply can use to enhance your photos.

Oh yes, this application is additionally available on Android and PC. Because this application is additionally one of the simplest photo editing applications on PC. So, it’s no wonder that a lot of use this application to edit photos.

One of the good features besides filters is that you simply can create your own presets or filters, then save them. So, all of your photos have an identical color tone. That way, many are going to be curious about the results of your photo edits

12. AfterFocus

The iPhone photo editing apps is AfterFocus. The AfterFocus application is additionally quite popular among photographers. You see, many use it to edit photos to form them look cooler than before.

Oh yes, the filters within the AfterFocus application also are automatic and you’ll still adjust the lighting and contrast again. there’s also a feature to separate the thing from the photo background.

Its function is analogous to removing photo backgrounds and you’ll replace them with other images. This application should be one of the applications to vary the background of the photo.

13. TouchRetouch


The next best iPhone photo editing apps is TouchRetouch. The TouchRetouch application is not any less cool than the previous application. So, you’ll also remove photo objects that you simply don’t want.

Besides that, you’ll also take photos directly using this application. Yes, it’s something like that with the simplest camera application guys. Also, you’ll edit photos by adding effects and filters.

There is also a feature for creating photos into bokeh. So, the photo you took will appear as if employing a DSLR camera.

14. Filterstorm Neue

The application for editing photos on the iPhone is Filterstorm Neue. Maybe you’re still unacquainted with these photo editing apps. However, editing this photo is not any less cool than the previous application.

The advantage of this application is really easier to use. due to the consequences and filters that are available, you’ll use them immediately. then, all you’ve got to try to do is adjust the lighting and therefore the contrast, guys.

This application is additionally ready to add text employing a brush. there’s also a feature to regulate the dimensions and crop the photo consistent with what you would like.

Unfortunately, this application doesn’t provide cartoon-like photo effects. So, you can’t make a photograph into a cartoon using this application, guys

15. Lens Distortions

The next iPhone photo editing apps is Lens Distortions. This application is additionally not much different from photo editing apps generally. However, the good thing about this application is that you simply can easily add light effects.

Also, there’s a filter feature that will add photos and adjust contrast to photos. This application isn’t only used for editing photos. there’s also a feature for taking photos. Unfortunately, taking photos using the front camera isn’t ok.

So, you continue to need a selfie camera application to urge specialized photos. then, then you’ll edit the photo using the Lens Distortions application

16. Superimpose

The next application for editing photos on the iPhone is Superimpose. Maybe you sound conversant in this one application. However, this application is additionally widely employed by photographers.

Moreover, the tools provided by this application are quite complete. By using this application you’ll get photos with good lighting effects. So, albeit you’re taking photos in the dark and that they look less clear, using this application you’ll make them bright.

Oh yes, this application also can save images at full resolution. So, don’t worry if the photo will break. Because it won’t be compressed.

17.  Mextures

The next best iPhone photo editing apps is Mextures. For those of you who can’t use Photoshop and are trying to find a photo editing application to exchange Photoshop. This application is one very fitting application!

You see, the consequences available during this application are quite complete and you’ll rearrange the lighting. So it’ll look good compared to before.

So, please imagine, if you’re taking photos in the dark and edit them using this application. All you’ve got to try to do is adjust the contrast and add the acceptable filter, then the photo is going to be visible



The best photo editing apps on the last iPhone is SKRWT. The features provided by this application are not any less complete than the previous photo-editing application.

Well. through this application, you’ll adjust the sunshine taking of photos that aren’t ok. That’s not all. you’ll add filters and effects that are available during this application.

Even though this application is sort of complete, if you would like to edit photos into 3D it seems this application isn’t quite right. Because you’ll find it difficult to require certain object parts.


So that they also know what are the simplest photo editing apps on Android and iPhone. Oh yes, if you’ve got criticism and suggestions about the simplest photo editing apps, you’ll just write it down within the comments column below here, how about smart friends? Now you recognize what the simplest photo editing apps are on Android and iPhone. Well, don’t forget to share this list of the simplest photo editing apps with other smart friends.

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