How to Turn ON or OFF Mouse Click Lock in Windows 10 In 2021

How to Turn ON or OFF Mouse Click Lock in Windows 10

Mouse Click Lock in Windows 10:-Before proceeding to enable or disable the click Lock first we’d like to know what’s Click Lock and the way to Use the click Lock effectively. Click Lock is a feature added in Windows 7 that allows you to drag any file without having to use the left-hand Select and Move button.

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For instanceyou would like to maneuver a specific file from one place to a different place on the desktop you don’t get to keep it up by pressing the left push-button for selection purposes. If the click Lock was turned on we will select and drag the file easily. Simply select and hold the file for no more than 3 seconds, then release the left push button and drag the file to any location within the situation.


SO what’s the most use of this click Lock feature?
If you’re employing a big word file like more the 5000 words and you would like to pick and replica some words you’ve got to click the left push button and need to scroll until your selection this is often a touch difficult. If the click Lock was enabled, all you had to do was press the left push-button for 3 seconds and then release it, and you could quickly scroll to create a variety. This is frequently true for excel files as well.

You may also adjust the Click Lock settings to specify how long you want to hold down the push button before your item is locked, giving you additional control over this feature. Anyway, without wasting any time, let’s see how to use the guide below to enable or disable click-lock in Windows 10.
Turn ON or OFF click Lock in Windows 10:

In two methods you’ll enable this click Lock

Method 1: Enable or disable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 10 Settings.

Method 2: Modify the Mouse ClickLock settings in Mouse Properties.

If you’re a laptop user and it’s considerably useful to pick and scroll without pressing the touchpad continuously.

  • Method 1: In Windows 10 Settings, enable or disable Mouse ClickLock.To access Settings, press Windows Key + I, then select Devices.

    I to open Settings, then click on Devices.To do so, go to Settings and then Devices.Method 1: Enable or disable Mouse ClickLock in Windows 10 Settings.

    Select Mouse from the left-hand menu. If you’re using a laptop, go with the Touchpad. Alternatively, use the command shown below to get straight to the settings page.

Go To run command by pressing windows
By tapping the Windows key, go to the Running command.
  • By pressing Windows + R, open the Running command. Type this if you’re a desktop User: ms-settings: mouse touchpad Type this if you’re a Laptop User: ms-settings:devices-touchpad
Additional mouse options
Additional mouse options
if you would like to Enable Click Lock.
if you would like to Enable Click Lock.
  • Similarly, uncheck the box next to “Turn on Click-Lock” to disable Click Lock.
  • To save a lot of changes, restart your computer.
Click On Mouse setting.
Click On Mouse setting.


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