Without Root On Any Android Device: Some say that the more sophisticated the phone you employ, the more extravagant the battery. to unravel the extravagant battery problems on smartphones, Greenify is here to form your smartphone battery more efficient. the way to use Greenify without root? is that this app effective enough?


What is Greenify?

Some people could also be still strange while hearing the name Greenify. this is often an application that will save the battery lifetime of the phone by placing an application that always drains the battery into hibernation mode. Greenify also will close apps you’re not using and to form your phone run lightly.

Greenify is often used on Android and iOS. Many Android users cash in on this application on a smartphone that’s already within the root. In fact, Greenify can run without root. With this application on your smartphone, it’s guaranteed the battery will last longer and more minimal smartphone lag

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How to Download Greenify Through the Play Store

Not all Android phone users are happy to try to root on their phones. this is often because root can cause the official warranty of the phone to be lost. the way to use Greenify on Android phones that aren’t within the root is extremely easy because basically, this app is out there within the Google Play Store.

If Don’t have a Greenify app on your favorite Android phone? attempt to follow the steps below to download Greenify from your smartphone.

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Store available on your Android smartphone.
  2. Press “Search Button” (search button), then type ” Greenify“.
  3. Choose the official Greenify app Click the “Install” button to install the Greenify app on your phone.
  4. Click the “Accept” button to start downloading and installing Greenify automatically.
  5. Wait a while because the speed of downloading the application depends on the internet connectivity you use.

How to Use Greenify Without Root

How to Use Greenify Without Root
How to Use Greenify Without Root
  1. Once you have entered the app and selected the “Greenify …” tag below, you will be taken into the App Analyzer menu, here you can select the app you want to put into hibernation mode which you are not using.
  2. Consider the blue writing because Greenify will inform you about the applications that should be hibernated. Greenify will include apps running in the background, scheduled running, and resulting in the phone becoming slower.
  3. If you want this app to manage the power and performance of all the applications contained on the phone, click the box located on the top right with the words “Show All”.
  4. By selecting all apps on your smartphone, Greenify will perform battery power management and smartphone performance by closing applications that it considers to consume battery power or make the phone easy to lag.

Hibernation Applications with Automated Hibernation

Make Mobile Performance More Stable
Make Mobile Performance More Stable
  1. To enable Automated Hibernation, click on the “Enable Automation Button” menu and the screen will display the “Accessibility Screen” menu.
  2. You will see some panels that set the Accessibility option. To change the accessibility settings in Greenify, click from Off to On.
  3. The display again displays Greenify Settings, then sets the Off setting to On.
  4. A warning that says “Stop Greenify?” Will be displayed on the smartphone screen, press OK on the warning city.
  5. Make sure you will use Greenify to hibernate the app automatically by pressing the OK button on the “Use Greenify?” Menu.
  6. Click the “Hibernate Now” button to start setting up all apps that cause the battery to be wasteful.

Greenify function

  • Relieves RAM

Random Access Memory or commonly abbreviated to RAM may be a temporary storage media that works once you use the phone. RAM will multiply and become full if you run a spread of applications.

The ever-increasing RAM will make the phone performance slower. Therefore, Greenify is here to form your smartphone RAM to be more relieved in order that performance becomes faster

  • Saves Battery Power

Anyone would crave a smartphone with A battery lasting. However, it’s very difficult to seek out the newest phones, albeit the phone provides an automatic battery saver feature.

Well, using Greenify your phone battery is going to be far more durable because Greenify will close the appliance that works to soak up the battery data “secretly” within the background

  • Make Mobile Performance More Stable

Make Mobile Performance More Stable
Make Mobile Performance More Stable

You would be very annoyed when you’re employing a particular app, suddenly the phone becomes slower or lag. It seems Greenify also can solve this problem.

You do not get to manually clean the RAM as your phone runs slowly. the rationale, Greenify will make the phone remains stable by removing background applications that aren’t in use.

Well, that’s the way to use Greenify alongside its function. you are doing not got to root the phone to use battery saver and RAM applications like this. Greenify is that the official app you’ll get on the Google Play Store. Let’s make your Android phone battery more efficient and have better performance by installing Greenify


I think it is helpful for you. Simply Use Greenify Without Root On Android.

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